About Us

We develop new technologies for a purpose. We turn our products into values that makes you save time by using all advantages of Mobile, Web and Cloud technologies.We're a young, cohesive group of people and we put our hearts and souls in our profession and our goals.We know you have too many things and too little time. We praise generosity and we all take our share of the (few) painful, boring tasks.

We’re there for each other when the shit hits the fan, even outside of work.The next frontier for us is to become one of the greatest companies in the mobile app market. To safeguard our competitive advantage, we made a conscious decision not to disclose much about our strategy, products, and technologies on our website.

This Is What We Do

Our Own Libraries

To enable responsive UI, quick implementation, with customizable components, fancy animations, live fixes via client-side code injection, and synchronization.

Data Analytics Tools

To enable end-to-end user event storage and fast querying at large scale, highly informed strategy and product development using accurate statistical models.

Our Own Back End Libraries

To enable quick API logic implementation, easy client notifications, web-based server settings configuration, secure API endpoints, user-friendly server error management, efficient and flexible data storage

And More

We build for success. That means developing solid infrastructure. Robust APIs. Code that scales when the product grows, and grows.